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Film Split (2017)

Film Uptodate - Review | Is Split Film Film origin AN Hosting, Reseller Hosting Horror-Thriller genre. Film Tutorial singer is singing the director M. Night Shyamalan film The Singer preformance Also a screenplay writer.

Split Film Singer, starring James McAvoy, Sterling K. Brown, Haley Lu Richardson And Anya Taylor-Joy. Singer movie will be worked by home PRODUCTION Blinding Edge Pictures and Blumhouse Productions and will be Active ON January 20, 2017 (USA)

Film Synopsis Split (2017)

Film Split will tell you about a man named Kevin, he was a strange man who had 23 different personalities. Each person has individual character. He could turn into women's private, personal small children and criminals and others.

Kevin actually has a personality that had never come to the surface, to bring that person he was forced to kidnap three young girls who were disebuah parking. He brought the girl to an old warehouse and that's where the final personality The Beast soon appeared.

Split Film is a film from the United States Horror-Thriller genre. This film is a directive of the director M. Night Shyamalan also preformance this film is screenwriter.

Split the movie will be starring James McAvoy, Sterling K. Brown, Haley Richardson and Anya Lu-Joy Taylor. The film is directed by Blinding Edge Pictures production house and Blumhouse Productions and will air on 20 January 2017 (USA).

Details and Cast (2017)

Title: Split
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Writers: M. Night Shymalan
Producer: Marcc Bienstock, M. Night Shyamalan, Jason Blum
Production House: Blinding Edge Pictures, Blumhouse Productions
Release Date: January 20, 2017 (USA)
Country: USA
Film Language: English
James McAvoy
Sterling K. Brown
Lu Haley Richardson
Anya Taylor-Joy
Betty Buckley
Jessica Sula
Kim Director
Brad William Henke
Sebastian Arcelus
Lyne Reee

Trailler Film Split (2017)

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