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3 Srikandi (2016)

Film Uptodate | Drama movie "3 Srikandi" is a film that comes from our beloved country that is Indonesia with Drama genre. The film was directed by Iman Brotoseno and the script was written by Swastika Nohara. 3 Srikandi who play a role in this film is Bunga Citra Lestari, Chelsea Islan, and Tara Basro. The plan of this film will be aired at the end of 2016 exactly 4Agustus 2016.

According to the director, Iman Brotoseno this story is not 100 percent true story, there is a little dramatic in this film with 80 percent composition of the real story and the rest additional stories to beautify the story. Reported earlier that the beautiful artist Dian Sastro will play a role in this movie, but it did not. The film will take the filming location in Indonsia and Germany.

Cast and Crew Details 3 Heroine Films (2016)

Genre: Drama, Biography
Director: Iman Brotoseno
Author: Swastika Nohara
Actor :

Bunga Citra Lestari
Chelsea Islan
Tara Basro
Reza Rahadian
Mario Irwinsyah
Donny Damara
Detri Warmanto
Indra Birowo

Release Date: August 4, 2016

Production House: MVP Pictures
MPAA: Youth (R 13+)
Duration: 90 Minutes
Indonesian country

Synopsis Film 3 Srikandi (2016)

The drama film "3 Srikandi" tells the story of the 3 female athletes' journey in the Indonesian archery branch who managed to get one of the medals at the Olympics in Seoul in 1988. The three athletes have succeeded the name of the Indonesian nation in the field of Sports.

Despite only getting a silver medal, 3 Srikandi was proud to have bestowed his best for his beloved country. And the medal was the first medal in Indonesia's participation in the Olympics at the time.

Film 3 Srikandi 2016 will be a background in 1998. At that time, Indonesia is preparing to attend the 24th Summer Olympics in South Korea.

At that time the athlete's branch was critical because Indonesia did not have a proper coach to prepare female athletes for the archery branch in a relatively short time.

This film will be more exciting with the emergence of three tough women who selected to be an archery athlete to represent Indonesia. The srikandi are Kusuma (Tara Basro), Lilies (Chelsea Islan), and Nurfitriyana (Bung Citra Lestari) are not playing with their dreams and dreams

Film Trailer 3 Srikandi (2016) full movies HD

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