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Film Sweet 20 (2017)

Film Uptodate | Sweet 20 is an Indonesian film that drama and comedy genre. Produced by Starvision and CJ Entertainment, featuring a range of actors and artists including Lukman Sardi, Cut Mini, Widyawati Sophian, Niniek L Karim, Slamet Rahardjo. Also some young actors include Morgan Oey, Kevin Julio, Ardit Erwandha, Tommy Limm, Tatiana Saphira, Alexa Key.

Sweet 20 movie is a Korean movie remake entitled Miss Granny ever released in 2014, the story was almost similar to 13 Goin On 30, starring Jennifer Garner.

Sweet movie storyline 20 happened to a 70-year-old grandmother suddenly changed back to being young, 20 years old. Much can be done back by the grandmother when he returned to 20 years, including realizing his dream of becoming a singer. And how also his attitude when 3 men fell in love with him?

Cuteness and drama occur because although physically the grandmother looks back to being young, but in it - in attitude and thinking - she is still a 70 year old woman.

Grandmother named Grandma Fatmawati, played by Niniek L. Karim, while the young Fatmawati played by Tajtana Saphira.

Sinopsis Film Sweet 20 
His story tells of Fatmawati (Niniek L karim), a 70-year-old grandmother, fussy and unhappy with her daughter-in-law. The grandmother lives with her son who works as a lecturer Aditya (Lukman Sardi), daughter-in-law (Cut Mini), and 2 grandchildren (Kevin Julio, Alexa Key). Fatmawati always prides Aditya.

Until one day, he found out to be sent to a nursing home. It made him very upset and left home. On the journey he saw a photo booth 'Forever Young', which claims to be ageless, and Fatmawati's grandmother intends to make a photo for her funeral later.

However, something strange happened to Fatmawati. And sure enough, after doing the photo shoot, Fatmawati turned into 50 years younger, back into a beautiful girl aged 20 years.

Fatmawati also took advantage of this strange moment. Starting a new life and changing his name to Mieke, like the name of his idol artist Mieke Wijaya, scattered charm because of the beauty of his face.

As time passes, Mieke gets a chance to reach her dream of becoming a singer, something she can not do at a young age. The uniqueness of young Mieke with her talking style and taste that is still like a 70-year-old grandmother, just made 3 men fall in love with her, a music producer (Morgan Oey), her grandson (Kevin Julio), and Hamzah (Slamet Rahardjo) who loved her from the same -same young first.

Until an event occurs, which makes Mieke must choose to continue her new life, or return to Fatmawati.

Intrigued by Sweet 20 stories and acting Niniek L Karim Serta Tajtana Saphira? Wait for Sweet 20 airing in your favorite theaters.

Detail Cast and Crew Film ‘Sweet 20’
Movie Type: Drama, Comedy

Duration: 91 minutes

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Director: Ody C. Harahap

Scriptwriter: Upi Avianto

Producer: Chand Parwez Servia

Production: Starvision, CJ Entertainment

Players: Lukman Sardi, Cut Mini, Widyawati Sophiaan, Ardit Erwandha, Tommy Limm, Tatjana Saphira, Niniek L Karim, Morgan Oey, Slamet Rahardjo, Kevin Julio, Alexa Key

Release: TBA Juni 2017

Official Trailer – Film ‘SWEET 20’

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