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Jingga (2016)

Film Uptodate | Jingga is the latest drama genre film 2016. Jingga 2016 film is directed by Lola Amaria and the script written by Gunawan Raharja with Lola Amaria. The film stars artists such as Ray Sahetapy, Aufa Dien Assegaf, and Keke Soeryokusumo Hawadi. This movie will be aired in the Year 2016, and until now there has been no original facts about when this movie.

Synopsis of Orange Film (2016)

The Indonesian drama film "Jingga" tells the story of a group of four children suffering from blindness. Their lives are overwhelmed with extraordinary things. Their life is like life but without light. And on the other hand there is the story of a mother who struggled half her life to help his baby to find kegebiaraan of the child after the child was convicted Blind.

Jingga attend school in SLB (Special School), there Jingga beteman with three friends named Marun, Nila and Magenta. The three new Jingga friends tell how the reality of life in which they are able to stand on their own in the midst of their lack of vision. They together form a music group and are willing to enter the competition. Will Orange return to find light in his life?

Review of Orange Film (2016)

The "Jingga" drama movie is very inspiring, because the life struggle of a blind will be featured here. The life struggle of Orange who suffered blind by entering an extraordinary school. There he begins to seek pleasure in his life. Slowly Orange found happiness in his life by making friends with 3 children. And until Jingga with his friend followed the music competition by making a recording. Happy, sad, sad, happy stories mixed everything in this movie.

Cast and Crew Jingga Film Details (2016)

Genre: Drama
Producer: na
Director: Lola Amaria
Screenwriter: Gunawan Raharja, Lola Amaria
Actor :

Aufa Dies Assegaf
Ray Sahetapy
Keke Soeryokusumo Hawadi
Hifzane Bob
Hany Valery
Qausar Harta Yudana
Isa Raja Loebis
Joshua Pandelaki
Nina Tamam

Airing Date: TBA 2016
Production House: Lola Amaria Productions
MPAA: Youth (R 13+)
Duration: Minutes
Indonesian country

Trailer Film Jingga (2016)

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