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Film Insya Allah Sah (2017)

Insha Allah Sah Movie (2017)

Insya Allah Sah is an Indonesian Drama-Comedy film directed by Benni Setiawan who also acts as a screenwriter in this film. Manoj Punjabi will act as a film producer. Star Movies like Panji Pragiwaksono, Joe P's Project, Titi Kamal, Ira Maya, Tanta Ginting, Budi Dalton, Budi Arab, Richard Kyle, Donita and Ferdi Taheir will enliven this film. The film production house MD Pictures will overshadow the film and will be released on June 25, 2017 (Indonesia).

Film Synopsis Insya Allah Sah (2017)
Insya Allah Sah Sahari film will tell about the life of a woman named Silvi (played by Titi Kamal), who works as a successful clothing designer and so her life is perfect with a sweetheart named Dion (played by Richard Kyle).

But there are still wishes Silvi who can not be married with Dion. When Silvi wants to face Dion, he suddenly has to face life-changing events. He is caught in a lift with a religious, innocent and bizarre man called Raka (played by Pandji Pragiwaksono). Raka worked for Dion, for a moment Silvo tried everything to get out of this elevator because it was not comfortable.

Silvi then vowed, congratulations he will turn his life into a Muslim woman who is obedient to carry out all the commands of God. Instantly the elevator door suddenly opened by itself.

Since the incident in the lift, Silvi is always overshadowed by Raka will Nazar which he said. Until the disaster suddenly hit Silvi, Raka who eventually helped Silvi. This is not unilaterally with Dion over the vow of Silvi. Then will Dion and Silvi go all the way to the wedding? Watch the full story just in your favorite theaters.

Movie Detail Insya Allah Sah (2017)
Title: God willing, sah
Genre: Drama & Comedy
Director: Benni Setiawan
Screenwriter: Benni Setiawan
Producer: Manoj Punjabi
Production House: MD Pictures
Release Date: June 25, 2017 (Indonesia)
Country of Origin: Indonesia
Film Language: Indonesia

Film Insya Allah Sah Players (2017)
Titi Kamal
Pandji Pragiwaksono
Richard Kyle
Tanta Ginting
Ferdi Taher
Project Joe P
Budi Dalton
Budi Arab
Ira Maya Sopha

Film Insya Allah Sah (2017)

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