Thursday, July 6, 2017

Filosofi Kopi 2 ( 2017 )

Synopsis of Coffee Philosophy 2 (2017)

Director: Angga Sasongko
Author: -
Players: Chico Jericho, Rio Dewanto, Luna Maya, Nadine Alexandra, Tio Pakusadewo, Ernest Prakasa, Melissa Karim, Joko Anwar

Synopsis Concerning Film Filosofi Kopi 2 2017

The Indonesian drama film entitled "Coffee 2 Philosophy" is a film that tells the story of the continuation of the first film story. Where from the coffee philosophy shop of Ben (Chico Jericho) and Jodi (Rio Dewanto) finally have to go bankrupt and debt-ridden. Ben and Jodi can not do much about what happens. Despite their management skills and high school theory, they are still unable to get them to pay off debts of 800 million.

Only with a silly idea that can pay off their debt, it is also not terotis because only with the physical abilities, mental and adventure experiences that happen to be last owned by them, outside the school. Ben and Jodi Film Uptodate | also toured Java-Bali by using food truck to sell coffee mainstay that is Kopi Tuwis for 1 year time.

Because also thanks to the solidarity and also their love of coffee makes all the challenges heavy of them do not become a heavy burden. Finally they managed to pay off their debts and returned to the city of Jakarta to open a coffee cafe. But the test is not finished here either, the farmer, Mr. Seno who is their coffee farmers mainstay, tuwis coffee died and did not leave the successor.

- Movie Live: July 13, 2017
- Movie Theaters: 01 July 2017
- Genre: Drama
- Companies: Visinema Pictures
- Official: -
- MPAA Rating: -

Trailer Films Coffee Philosophy 2 2017

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