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Film Blood Money (2017)

Film Uptodate | Blood Money is one of the latest western movies with the genre of Drama, Horror, and Mystery. The film will be directed by Luke White, along with a screenplay writer named Rosy Deacon. The film will be directed by Ed White, and Luke White.

Poster Film Blood Money (2017)
The actors and artists who starred in the film are: Klariza Clayton, Ollie Barbien, Scott Chambers, Sabrina Hansen, Nicholas Bourne, TJ Gerbert, and Jason Rhodes. Blood Money film will be cultivated by famous film companies in the field of BOxclever Media, Porthos Films, and in collaboration with the company Excutive Carriage Group.

The Blood Money film will plan its inaugural release on March 03, 2017, with a length of about 1 hour and 18 minutes. The film has a budget worth 1,500,000, and is taking place in Normandy, France.

Blood Money Movie Synopsis (2017)
Blood Money movie will tell about five friends who now live in France. They are kasey, reese, zander, mia and sean. Where besides being tied as friends, they are also joined as a criminal group. That is a group of criminals specialist theft of valuable paintings that are in the museum. Although their age is still relatively young, but the skills they have is like a group of professional thieves.

Until one day they returned to act of theft in a local museum. Although their action was successful, there was a failure. That is, they were forced to kill a guard who caught their action. Now they must immediately find a hiding place, as well as selling the painting and throw the corpse. But before they manage to do so, the body disappears unexpectedly.

Review of Blood Money Movies (2017)
The blood money film directed by luke white and the script of this film was written by rosy deacon. Blood money movie is a horror thriller movie that until now still unknown date of its release.

The movie blood money tells the story of five friends who are now living in France. They all are, Sean, Mia, Zander, Reese, and also Kasey. In addition they are all tied up as friends, but in reality they are also incorporated into a criminal group. These are the people who are involved as specialist thieves of valuable paintings in museums.

And despite the age of these people they are still relatively young, but the skills they have are classified into professional thieves. And until one day, they again perform an action, in order to steal in the local museum. And their action was successful, but there was a failure from there, that is they were forced to kill a guardian of the museum, because this guard had already caught them all while running the action.

Now they must try to find a place to hide, as well as to sell the painting they've got, and throw the corpse away from the guard. But before they do it all, suddenly the corpse from the guard just disappears. What does the story look like? Watch only dibioskop your pet.

Movie Blood Money Details (2017)
Movie Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Film Director: Luke White
Screenplay Author: Rosy Deacon
Film Producer: Ed White, Luke White
Production Production House: Boxclever Media, Porthos Films
Badget Box Office: $ 1,500,000
Movie Release Date: March 3, 2017
Duration: 1 hour 18 minutes
Country of Origin Film: UK, France
Place of Filming: Normandy, France

Blood Money Movie Players (2017)
Klariza Clayton As Kasey
Ollie Barbieri As Reese
Scott Chambers As Zander
Sabrina Hansen As Mia
Nicholas Bourne As Sean
TJ Herbert As Grayson
Jason Rhodes As Eddie

Offical Movie Trailer Blood Money (2017)

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