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Film Surat Cinta Untuk Starla (2017)

Love Letter For Starla is a new Indonesian drama movie of 2017 which is lifted from a title song on Vocal Virgoun. The latest Indonesian film will be directed by film director Rudi Aryanto, and while the script writer is written by Sukhdev Singh, and Tisa TS.

As for who will be starring in this film like Meriam Bellina, Dian Nitami, Rianti Cartwright, Mathias Muchus, Caitlin Halderman, Rizky Hanggono, Jefri nichol, Ricky Weather, and Salshabilla Adriani.Film Letter Love For Starla will be worked by Home Production Film Screenplay Films, Legacy Pictures, and produced by Sukhdev Singh, Wicky V. Olindo. The film will be released in Indonesian on December 28, 2017, using the main language of the Indonesian language, as its main language.

Synopsis of Love Letter Movie For Starla Movie Star (2017)

Love Letter Films For Starla this will tell about a young man named Hema. He is a guy who is obsessed with his love, he must uniqueness of making a love letter for nature. The aid of his old typewriter, the heritage of his former grandfather, the outward mural hema, which in the mural shows how much Hema's love for nature is. Nature is a unity of love known by Hema.

Until one day Hema knew Starla. That is a beautiful girl, and also independent which is more or less for 6 hours, has managed to make Hema fall in love. And for the first time Hema realized there was a much more beautiful love letter with a love letter for nature, a love letter intended for Starla.

It will be felt as their relationship gets closer, suddenly Starla's attitude changes. Starla becomes angry, and then away from Hema, and even herself tells Hema to forget about six hours of their story, which has become a virus in social media, and also even broadcast by radio by Athena, Hema's friend.

Until one day Hema knew Starla's attitude change. That is related to the secrets of the past in the Hema family. What does the story look like? Watch only dibioskop your pet.

Movie Love Letter Details For Starla The Movie (2017)
Movie Genre: Drama
Film Director: Rudi Aryanto
Screenplay Author: Sukhdev Singh, Tisa TS
Film Producer: Sukhdev Singh, Wicky V. Olindo
Home Production Film: Screenplay Films, Legacy Pictures
Film Distributor: -
Box Office Budget: -
Movie Release Date: December 28, 2017
Movie Duration: - Hours - minutes
Country of Origin Film: Indonesia
Film Language: Indonesia

List of Love Movie Players For Starla Movie Star (2017)
Bellina cannon role as -
Mathias Muchus plays the role of -
Dian Nitami plays the role of -
Rianti Cartwright plays the role of -
Rizky Hanggono plays a role as -
jefri nichol plays a role as -
Caitlin Halderman serves as -
Salshabilla Adriani plays the role of -
Ricky Weather acts as -

Love Letter Movie Trailer For Starla The Movie Star (2017)

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